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I was raised a Baptist, but I have not always been a Christian. My grandfather was a Baptist minister and I grew up in the church, but I have not always been a Christian. My first encounter with God would come when I was nine years old. After that encounter, I spent my teenage years studying the Bible. I spent my adult years moving from church to church, studying every book about the Bible I could get my hands on. Still I was not a Christian, and did not know Jesus as my Lord and Savior. At thirty seven, I fell into deep depression and despair. I was penniless, suicidal and without hope. It was in that place, Jesus found me. I don't know how He found me, He just did. It was there that I turned my life over to Him. He became my personal Lord and Savior. Since Jesus found me nothing has been the same. He has given me peace beyond my understanding. He has restored my life. I have unspeakable joy. I serve Him because He saved me. I am never alone and I am unafraid. Through Him I found salvation.
Reverend Heck firmly believes that "the church is supposed to be a movement of God to change the world, not a community organization for Christians." He believes that "Personal Evangelism" is the key to the growth of the church, and that it is incumbent on every believer to learn to share his or her faith in an effective manner.


Reverend Heck is married to his strongest supporter, Rev. Dr. Roberta M. Heck, an accomplished Author, Poet and Spoken Word Artist.

Rev. Roderick Heck, MTS, M.Div.
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