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At Roberta Heck Ministries we are committed to extending the Kingdom of God here on earth. We spread the "good news" of the kingdom globally through our books, devotionals, inspirational products, television and radio. We sponsor annual events including our Teen Poets for Christ Contest and Enduring Power of Faith Conference.

We partner with and support other ministries and charitable causes through our financial gifts. We believe that God has blessed us all to be a blessing to each other. 

Womens Tea@Community Chruch
Enduring Power of Faith Conference
Rev. Dr. Roberta M. Heck
Teen Poets for Christ
Our From Hell to Salvation, One Girl's Journey Movie Project








From Hell to Salvation - One Girl's Journey is the story of God's Salvation in the midst of Drug and Alcohol Addiction, Spousal Abuse, Bullying and Peer Pressure. It is a much needed story of inspiration and hope in the world today.

So many of you have reached out to us excited about our "From Hell to Salvation - One Girl's Journey" movie project. We thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement. We are excited to know that so many believe that this is a movie that must be made.

Pastor Roderick and Rev. Dr. Roberta discuss their From Hell to Salvation Movie Project
Roberta Bobby Jones Birthday Celebration
Rev. Roderick Heck
Rev. Dr. Roberta M. Heck
Dr. Bobby Jones
Rev. Roderick Heck
Rev. Dr. Roberta M. Heck
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