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Roberta Heck Ministries began as a Christian Poetry Ministry in 1998 at Lakeview Baptist Church where Pastor Roderick’s uncle, the Elder Cleveland Watson was pastor.  Rev. Dr. Roberta shared her poetry every Sunday in the church bulletin. As more and more members requested her poetry, Rev. Dr. Roberta began to do poetry readings at Lakeview Baptist Church and other churches.  In 2000, Pastor Roderick and Rev. Dr. Roberta moved to New Jersey and later joined Mt. Olivet Baptist Church.  Over the next twenty years, Rev. Dr. Roberta and Pastor Roderick would expand Roberta Heck Ministries into a full Christian outreach ministry. Committed to extending the Kingdom of God here on earth. Spreading the "good news" of the Kingdom of God globally through their books, devotionals, inspirational products, television and radio. Sponsoring annual Christian Outreach events including  their Teen Poets For Christ Contest and Enduring Power of Faith Conferences.


Pastor Roderick and Rev. Dr. Roberta believe that God has blessed us all to be a blessing to each other.

To God Be The Glory!

Our Beginnings at Lakeview Chapel FWB Church
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