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From The Author:


The Dawn Of A New Day is a moving collection of poetry that brings insight and awareness to everyday living.  These poems are shared experiences of my life, and how the world looks through the eyes of someone who got a second chance in life.  The first hand lessons I experienced as I grew and matured into the "Woman - Mother - The Child of God", that He intends me to be.  Although He is not through with me yet, as I look back, I am far better off that I was, "All Praises To God".


The Dawn Of A New Day will lift your spirits and change your outlook on life.


Roberta M. Heck 


Paperback; 157 pages; ISBN: 1-4134-3939-X

The Dawn of a New Day - Signed by Roberta M. Heck (Author)

SKU: B0004
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