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From The Author:


From Hell To Salvation is the story of God's intervention in my life told through the eyes of Cheryl.


Roberta M. Heck



Book Description


Cheryl's childhood is full of love. Raised on the farm and the youngest of ten siblings, she worships God every Sunday and basks under the praise of her mother. But she has a tendency to look at the other side of life and wonder what it's like. The popular crowd is so glamorous and full of fun. Could their way of living be better than hers?


When Cheryl moves into her first apartment, things begin to fall apart. No longer under the protection of her mother, she is independent now - and that means she is in charge of making her own decisions. She starts hanging out with old schoolmates. When she realizes they are doing drugs, she throws caution to the wind and decides to try them.


But drug addiction is not a pretty thing. Cheryl's life spirals out of control as she becomes not only a user, but a dealer. She thinks she can get herself out of this mess alone, yet those years of Sunday school and church worship tell her she needs to turn to the Lord.


Listening to that small voice proves more difficult than she imagined, however, and her partying lifestyle may just lead her in the opposite direction.


Hardback; 248 pages; ISBN: 978-1-4759-4045-9

From Hell to Salvation One Girl's Journey - Signed by Roberta M. Heck (Author)

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