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From The Author:


Blessed is the day anew

From whence I came there from

The jagged life that held me down

Brought panic and alarm


Set forth to find the path that led

To the directions of life anew

Freeing myself from the misery

That I myself put me through


Determined but weakened

By the need, but dared not to remain

On the thread of insanity - must escape

Was my desire to stay sane


Indeed I did with challenges abound

Many distractions in my path

Steered straight to defeat, lies and deceit

The claims of unholy wrath


Finding my way, no more being enslaved

To the impending death of no reproof

Into the light, I take my flight


"Life Reborn"


I've paid my dues


Roberta M. Heck



Book Description:


This collection of personal poetry with a faith-based focus shares inspirational thoughts about a variety of topics including life, God, love, family, emotions, and friendships.


Sharing the goodness of God through her writing, author Roberta Heck has compiled a fourth volume of personal poetry with a faith-based focus. Changes of the Mind shares the author's trials and tribulations and inspirational thoughts on a variety of topics -  love, family, friendships, relationships, holidays, and God.


Changes of the Mind led to the trilogy, which are Heck's first three books: After the Storm Is Over, The Dawn of a New Day, and One with God. This new volume, with more than one hundred poems, entails the beginning and end of her storm. These offerings are her moment of clarity and her witness to her personal storm and the not-so-pleasant aspects of life she's witnessed.


Heck's poems speak of her personal testimony and her faith in God such as in "MY FIGHT", But I know there's a God/Up above you see/I know in His time/He alone shall set me free/One way or the other/This plight shall end/I'm fighting for my life/The Lord will help me win/"AND HE DID".


Though people weather different storms, Changes of the Mind illustrates that every simple thought can and will bring changes of the mind.

Hardback; 226 pages; ISBN: 978-0-595-71341-7

Changes of The Mind - Signed by Roberta M. Heck (Author)

SKU: B0009
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