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From The Author:


This collection of poems inspires faith, hope, love, trust and is my personal testimony that truly "Prayer" changes any situation that may occur in your life.  But most importantly these are poems of encouragement as we "Stand" on the promise of our Lord.


Roberta M. Heck



Book Description


A spiritual wellspring of hope and encouragement, Roberta M. Heck's After The Storm Is Over traverses the Book of Genesis through the Book of Revelation, the stars, the oceans and life's everyday difficulties in a moving collection of evangelical verse.


After The Storm Is Over is a powerful testimony that prayer and faith in God are one's greatest tickets for battling out life's tough times. It is an inspirational set of poetry that will truly bring comfort and hope at a time when they are most needed.


After The Storm Is Over will set your heart and mind at peace.

Hardback; 159 pages; ISBN: 1-4010-8125-8

After The Storm Is Over - Signed by Roberta M. Heck (Author)

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