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Through the years our "Outreach Ministry" has grown and touched a lot of lives.  God guides us and has led us down many paths and brought many amazing people into our lives.  Some to help us grow, some for guidance, and some to definitely assist us on our journey.  Our goal is to go where the Lord leads us, and by example show the world that through faith, patience, understanding of His word, and discipline that there is no storm that can come your way that you can't weather with the Lord on your side.  Through the years the Lord has led us through many doors and challenges abound, but we are an "Enduring Power of Faith" Ministry.  The name says it all, for we "Endure on our Faith" that the Lord will bring us through as we continue to do His will and He is not through with us yet ~ To God be The Glory.


Today, our concerns are with our youth, who make most of their unhealthy choices in the crucial years when they are crossing over from childhood to teenager. Being honest, it was those choices that I made way back then in my youth that affected my life and hurt my family in the worst way. I wrote the book entitled "From Hell to Salvation ~ One Girl's Journey" in hopes that it would deter some other gullible, trusting, naive, innocent to the street wise person from being swallowed up and used by those who look at them as susceptible victims.


These street wise people play on the fact that some of our youth would do anything to be accepted by them. To be one of the gang, part of that in-crowd. So much so that they would give their soul to follow that person with their eyes wide shut down those spiral steps to hell, as long they feel that they have been accepted and part of the gang. Never knowing that these are not true friends. By then it's too late and they are in too deep. They are now on that rocky road to hell that's got them hooked on drugs, alcohol, pills or whatever calamity that awaits their fate. They now pray for death or Jesus to save them because they've finally learned that truly "LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT".


Our Teens, in this day and time really need positive influence and spiritual growth. To answer this need, Roberta Heck Ministries started an Annual Teen Poet for Christ Competition. This program is aimed at taking our youth off the streets, and introducing them into the world of "The Arts" while at the same time they are giving our Lord and Savior the praise through poetry. Just one of our many projects aimed to help, motivate, and educate our youth in awareness of the streets in group discussions with peers in their own age group.


With the end result a win - win on both sides. We would have embedded positive growth maturing them to another level for the challenges that life can and will bring. Promoting and giving encouragement, which leads to higher self-esteem, and they are given monetary rewards for their triumph for success. Funds that could be used to assist at home, school supplies, or saved for a college fund.


In turn, giving our teens a second chance, motivating them to come back year after year to compete. Gearing them up with the attitude to take on challenges in a more positive aspect. This function is geared for teens from 13-19 years of age. Prizes range from First Prize: $500, Second Prize: $300, and Third Prize: $200. This annual event would truly profit and assist some lucky individual that is saving for college, and motivate, encourage, and uplift those with a lower self-esteem by being in a more positive environment.


Roberta Heck Ministries Annual Teen Poet for Christ Competition:



Our Ministry also sponsors and Annual Enduring Power of Faith Conference. A Faith building event aimed at promoting family unity. This event is for the entire family to come together in fellowship. Learning the goodness of God, and that there is power in prayer from powerful anointed speakers.


Roberta Heck Ministries Annual Enduring Power of Faith Conference:


Our goal is to keep as many teens as possible from making the same mistake I did and to promote Family Awareness. Praying that when they come to that cross road in life, and think that the grass is greener on the other side, or that it's hip to hang with losers and that so called in-crowd, they will in fact, think twice and their choice would indeed be a wise one avoiding that spiral stairway that leads only to hardship, pain for the family, and true self-destruction.


I took that journey "From Hell to Salvation", and my prayer is that my book "From Hell to Salvation ~ One Girl's Journey", which is "My Testimony", would save someones child from losing their innocence and insight on a fruitful life, and save their family from the pain I sent my family through because of my choices.









We have shared many "Inspirational and Educational" Videos on YouTube over the years, aimed at promoting Family Awareness, Unity, Faith, and the importance of "The Gospel of Jesus Christ in our Lives". To Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:


All proceeds made from the sales from our gift shop, FROM YOUR PURCHASES,  and all proceeds from my speaking engagements, make it possible for us to continue with these endeavors. We can no longer keep doing this alone. We need "YOUR SUPPORT".



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This video is in prelude to my book "From Hell to Salvation ~ One Girl's Journey". In hopes that our youth would make the right choices when they reach "THEIR CROSS ROADS".





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