About Us
But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength they shall mount up with wings as eagles they shall run, and not be weary and they shall walk, and not faint. Isaiah 40:31 KJV


I was raised a Baptist, but I have not always been a Christian. My grandfather was a Baptist minister and I grew up in the church, but I have not always been a Christian. My earliest memories are of my grandfather sitting in the backroom that he had built on to his and my grandmother's house, which was his study. There he would sit behind his desk with his magnifying glass, reading the Bible for hours at a time. I would sit in the chair in front of his desk watching and admiring him. My grandmother told me that I was the only grandchild that he allowed in his study.
During all the times I sat in his study with him, watching him study the Bible with that magnifying glass, I don't remember him once talking to me about God. The fact that I knew I was the only grandchild he allowed in his study, was special enough for me. The fact that he was studying the book of God, back there in his study, meant to me that God was someone to be pursued. I didn't know who God was, but I knew that my grandfather believed in him, and that was enough for me. At five years old, I knew that the Bible was important, because my grandfather studied it.
My grandfather was the pastor for several small rural churches. The churches were deep in the back woods of North Carolina. The congregations were too small to support a full-time pastor, so my grandfather would travel every Sunday to a different church to preach. As a young boy he would sometimes take me along. He would let me sit on the bottom step of the pulpit at his feet while he preached. I still remember hearing his voice, looking out into the congregation, seeing the hurt, hunger and excitement in their faces as he preached.
My first encounter with God would come when I was nine years old. After that encounter, I spent my teenage years studying the Bible. I spent my adult years moving from church to church, studying every book about the Bible I could get my hands on. I expanded my study to the Koran, the Apocryphal books, the Mahabharata, the Mormon bible, the Tibetan Book of the Dead and every other mystic source I could find. I searched everywhere for the God that had revealed himself to me when I was nine years old.
Still I was not a Christian, and did not know Jesus as my Lord and Savior. At thirty seven, I fell into deep depression and despair. I was penniless, suicidal and without hope. It was in that place, Jesus found me. I don't know how He found me, He just did. It was there that I turned my life over to Him. He became my personal Lord and Savior.
Since Jesus found me nothing has been the same. He has given me peace beyond my understanding. He has restored my life. I have unspeakable joy. I serve Him because He saved me. I am never alone and I am unafraid. Through Him I found salvation.
Reverend Heck firmly believes that "the church is supposed to be a movement of God to change the world, not a community organization for Christians." He believes that "Personal Evangelism" is the key to the growth of the church, and that it is incumbent on every believer to learn to share his or her faith in an effective manner.
Reverend Heck received his Masters in Theological Studies from Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary and his Master of Divinity in Pastoral Ministries from Liberty University Rawlings School of Divinity.