Our Committment
At Roberta Heck Ministries we are committed to extending the Kingdom of God here on earth. We spread the "good news" of the kingdom globally through our books, weekly devotionals, inspirational products, television and radio. We sponsor annual events including our Teen Poets for Christ Contest and Enduring Power of Faith Conference.

We partner with and support other ministries and charitable causes through our financial gifts. We believe that God has blessed us all to be a blessing to each other.
All proceeds made from the sales of our gift shop and speaking engagements makes it possible for us to continue with our Annual Teen Poet for Christ competition where the total prizes equal $1,000, with a $500 First prize.  Also, our Annual Enduring Power of Faith Conference where the soul is fed with empowering speakers from all over.  With your support we are able to Sponsor a few seats to those who wish to come to the Conference and can't afford the registration fee.
To God Be The Glory!

Roderick & Roberta Heck
Roberta Heck Ministries

Roberta Heck Ministries, Inc. is a U.S.-registered non-profit organization with tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.