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Minister Roberta M. Heck
Inspirational Speaker, Award Winning Poet and Spoken Word Performance Artist
"And I have put my words in thy mouth, and I have covered thee in the shadow of mine hand, that I may plant the heavens, and lay the foundations of the earth, and say unto Zion, Thou art my people." Isaiah 51:16 KJV




Best Selling Author, Mrs. Roberta M. Heck, has won numerous awards for her poetry, including the National Shakespeare Trophy of Excellence Award, the National Editor's Choice Award, and the National Poetic Excellence Award. She has five books to her credit, "After the Storm Is Over", "The Dawn of A New Day", "One With God", "Changes of The Mind - Thoughts With Sober Conclusions", and her first novel "From Hell to Salvation ~ One Girl's Journey".

Her work has been published in newspapers and in many anthologies. She is a member of the New Jersey Poetry Society, the Delaware Valley Poets, and the Roosevelt Arts Project.  She was selected for inclusion in Marquis "Who's Who in America", and "Who's Who in the World". Mrs. Heck was also selected for inclusion in The National Register's "Who's Who in Executives and Professionals".


Mrs. Heck, a world renowned Spoken Word Performance Artist, has made appearances on Bobby Jones Gospel "Let's talk Church Program" in Las Vegas, Nevada, and was also invited to make an appearance on Ambassador Dr. Bobby Jones Birthday Celebration at Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tennessee. She has made many appearances on "Bobby Jones Presents", which airs on "The Word Network".  Since sharing her Spoken Word Poetry on Bobby Jones Presents, for the past few year Mrs. Heck took on the project of using her Spoken Word for "Inspirational Moments" Videos which can be found on YouTube.  Through her ministry, she shares her testimony on "The Enduring Power of Faith", offering inspiration and hope.


"I am here to witness to those in doubt or loss that there is hope, there is an after. That there is Power in Prayer. My call is to plant the seed of hope and faith in the heart of people. To encourage those who are disheartened, sin sick and disgusted with their way of life to the point where they have lost all hope of a tomorrow. For God gave me a second chance to give witness of His goodness, and to testify to the lost that He is also there for them. There is a brighter tomorrow through prayer, faith and trust that the Lord will bring you through in His time".

Mrs. Heck and her husband Deacon Roderick Heck founded Roberta Heck Enduring Power of Faith Ministries in 2001.  Roberta Heck Ministries sponsors several annual events which includes an "Annual Teen Poets for Christ Competition", "An Annual Enduring Power of Faith Conference", and "Inspirational Moments Videos", which is one of their educational projects.  All proceeds made from the sales from "Roberta Heck Ministries Gift Shop", book sales, and her speaking engagements support these endeavors.
The Annual Enduring Power of Faith Conference is where the soul is fed with empowering anointed speakers geared and ready to share "The Word".  From donations given from the previous Conference, a few seats are donated for the elderly with set incomes who wish to come to the Conference, but can't afford the registration fee.
The Teen Poet for Christ Competition is the Heck's way of leading our youth on a more positive path. Taking them off the streets, and introducing them into the world of "The Arts", at the same time giving our Lord and Savior the praise through poetry. With monetary rewards that could be used to assist at home, school supplies, or saved for a college fund. This function is geared for teens from 13-19 years of age. Prizes range from First Prize: $500, Second Prize: $300, and Third Prize: $200.
Mrs. Heck speaks at seminars, conferences, church events, on radio, and television programs.
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